Privacy Policy

It would be far better for you, us, and we believe the world if you didn’t have to read this and we weren’t encouraged to hire a ton of pricey attorneys to write it, at all. However, since we’re here and that’s not the world we currently occupy — at least not yet — we aim to make it as SiMPLE™, digestible, retainable, and fun-laden as possible (it’s a real thing we’re inventing here… LIVE!)
First, ix-nay on the pricey attorney-ay. She’s on a timeout. Next, let’s talk about transparency, user rights, data privacy, data protection, ethics, and humanity. We each deserve it all.
To Summarize: what we’re about to tell you is here only because we are delighted to hold ourselves out as decent humans and not because we’re compelled by a boringly pithy combination of letters. Stop us if you’ve heard this before… PIPEDA, GDPR Article 15, CCPA/CPRA, CPA, VCDPA, CTDPA, UCPA, LGPD, POPIA… all in the interest of privacy and protection compliance or else. (No! I didn’t just bang on my keyboard to create a bunch of gibberish. They’re real things. Don’t take our word for it. Click one!)
The Real Summary: Data. IT’S YOURS. Full Stop.
If you give it to us for a purpose, IT’S YOURS. If you want it back, dagnabbit, IT’S STILL YOURS, we’ll give it. Bam! You’ve got it. If you give it to us for a purpose, IT’S YOURS, AND it serves ONLY that purpose. We treat it like we would want you to treat ours and we don’t let random people or even guests rummage through our sock & and undies drawer. We also don’t give a house key to a neighbor while we’re away expecting they’ll make and keep a copy, so definitely none of that’s going down on our watch because — IT’S YOURS! For us, that’s cause for increased diligence in safeguarding it, to return it in better condition than when you entrusted us with it. If you decide to take an interest in any or all the ways we transfer, hold, or otherwise handle what’s YOURS, we’re downright obliged, by golly to include you in that technical discussion of the weeds. Did we mention … IT’S YOURS?!
The End.
Oh, how we wish! There’ll be a ton more words bloating and bolstering, but never changing, what we’ve just said. It’s part of the rules of compliance that we agree to play by when we’re in someone else’s yard. For the record, our overarching rule trumps all others.

“Don’t do unto others that which makes them want to shoot you.”

Welcome to SociablUs!. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience on our website and in using our services. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information.
We collect information through various means, including but not limited to, when you visit our website, register for our services, or interact with us. The types of information we collect may include:
  • Personal Identifiers: Name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Demographic Information: Age, gender, occupation, education level, income bracket.
  • Geolocation Data: Physical location or movements.
  • Device Information: Type of device used, operating system, browser type, IP address.
  • Usage Data: Information on how users interact with your website or services, such as pages visited, time spent on pages, and click-through rates.
  • Communication Data: Records of customer service interactions, feedback, and survey responses.
  • Social Media Information: Data obtained from social media profiles, if users connect or interact with our services through social media platforms.
  • Financial Information: Payment details, purchase history, billing address.
  • Preferences and Interests: Information on user preferences and interests, potentially gathered through website interactions or surveys.
  • Behavioral Data: Insights derived from analysis of user interactions, preferences, and tendencies.
Use of Information
The information we collect is used to:
  • Operations: Provide, operate, and maintain our services.
  • Service Improvement: Improve, personalize, and expand our services.
  • Customer Support: Communicate with you for customer service, updates, and other information relating to the website.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Conduct marketing and advertising initiatives tailored to your interests.
  • Personalization: Customize the user experience based on individual preferences and history.
  • Analytics and Research: Understand and analyze how you use our services, understand market trends, and improve product offerings.
  • Security Purposes: Enhance the security and integrity of your services and protect against fraud.
  • Legal Compliance and Enforcement: To comply with legal requirements and enforce terms and conditions.
  • Feedback and Surveys: To solicit feedback and conduct surveys to improve user satisfaction.
  • New Product Development: Develop new products, services, features, and functionality.
Sharing of Information
  • Third-party service providers to facilitate our services.
  • Legal authorities when required by law or to protect the rights and safety of our users and the public.
  • Affiliated entities in the course of business operations.

Our Commitment to Data Minimization and Vendor Accountability

At Sociabl™ Us!, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. This commitment extends to our interactions with third-party service providers. We strictly provide only the essential data needed for each service provider to perform the specific business functions we have engaged them for. Our relationship with these providers is purely contractual, not a partnership.
We rigorously select vendors who demonstrate a strong adherence to data privacy and transparency. This criterion is a key factor in our decision-making process. Holding our service providers accountable for their data practices is not just a policy; it’s an integral part of our ethos. By doing so, we aim to offer you services that are not only efficient but also respectful of your privacy rights.

Third-Party Services and Data Processors

To provide you with high-quality services and enhance your user experience, SociablUs! utilizes various third-party software as a service (SAAS) products, payment processors, web hosts, data storage solutions, and business management tools.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics: This service is crucial for understanding website traffic and user behavior. It provides insights that guide our website optimization and content strategy. Google Analytics’ robust data protection and privacy standards align with our commitment to safeguarding user information. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Google Tags
Google Tags (Google Tag Manager): We utilize Google Tags for managing and deploying marketing tags on our website. It streamlines the process of updating and integrating various tracking technologies, ensuring efficient and accurate data collection for our marketing and analytical endeavors. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Meta Pixel
Meta Pixel: Meta Pixel is a tool for tracking user interactions on our website, primarily for Facebook and Instagram advertising. It helps in refining our advertising strategies based on user behavior, thereby enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Brevo (fka Sendinblue): We use Brevo for email marketing and communication. It enables the management and execution of email campaigns, tracking user engagement and response rates. Brevo’s adherence to email marketing regulations and its robust privacy protections ensure the responsible handling of contact information and communication preferences. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Sociamonials: Sociamonials is used for our social media management and marketing analytics. It assists in creating, scheduling, and tracking the performance of social media content across multiple platforms. Sociamonials collects data such as user interactions and engagement metrics, which is crucial for analyzing the effectiveness of our social media strategies. Their commitment to data privacy and adherence to regulations like GDPR ensures the secure handling of social media data. This tool is pivotal in enhancing our online presence and engaging effectively with our audience. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Basecamp: is employed for project management and team collaboration. It provides tools for task assignments, deadlines, file sharing, and communication. Basecamp’s security measures safeguard project information and enhance team productivity, making it a vital tool for managing our internal processes and client projects. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
SuiteDash: an integrated software platform we use for business management, including client relationship management (CRM), project management, and invoicing. It securely handles client data, project details, and financial transactions, ensuring efficient internal workflows and client interactions. SuiteDash’s focus on data security and customization aligns with our commitment to client privacy and tailored service delivery. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
NameHero: provides web hosting and domain registration services for our website. As our hosting provider, NameHero stores and manages the data infrastructure that supports our online services. They are chosen for their reliable hosting solutions, strong uptime records, and commitment to data security. NameHero implements measures such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and regular data backups to ensure the integrity and availability of our website and the data it holds. Their role is crucial in maintaining the seamless operation and security of our digital presence. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Liquid Web
Liquid Web: provides web hosting services for our online platform. They manage the servers where our website and customer data are stored. Liquid Web is known for its high-performance hosting solutions and strong security protocols, including data encryption and regular backups, ensuring the reliability and security of our online presence. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Stripe: As our primary payment processor, Stripe handles all aspects of payment processing for transactions on our platform. Stripe collects and processes payment information, such as credit card details, to facilitate secure and efficient transactions. We’ve chosen Stripe for its robust security measures, including encryption and fraud detection systems, ensuring the protection of your financial data. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
PayPal: We offer PayPal as an alternative payment processing option. PayPal securely processes payments, handling sensitive financial information like bank account and credit card details. Their commitment to security, user privacy, and ease of use makes them a trusted choice for handling transactions. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Google Drive
Google Drive: Google Drive is utilized as a cloud storage solution for storing and sharing documents, images, and other files essential to our operations. It offers a secure platform for team collaboration, file backup, and data sharing. Google Drive’s robust security measures, including encryption and advanced sharing settings, ensure the safety and privacy of our stored data. This service is integral for efficient document management and accessibility within our team. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive: We use Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage and file management, particularly for Office-related documents and collaboration. OneDrive provides secure access to files from multiple devices, facilitating seamless collaboration and data backup. Its strong security features, like encryption both at rest and in transit, along with compliance with various data protection regulations, make it a reliable choice for safeguarding our digital assets and enhancing productivity. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
Adobe Cloud Storage
Adobe Cloud Storage: Adobe Cloud Storage is used for managing and storing creative assets, including graphics, videos, and design files. It provides a centralized platform for our creative team to access, edit, and share large multimedia files efficiently. Adobe’s commitment to security, with features like advanced encryption and secure access controls, ensures the protection of our intellectual property and sensitive creative content. This service is essential for streamlining our creative processes and enabling collaboration across design projects. Their Privacy Policy can be seen here.
You have the right to:
  • Access the personal information we hold about you.
  • Request correction or deletion of your information.
  • Opt out of certain uses of your information.
Data Security
We implement robust security measures to protect your data, including:
  • Strong Password Policies: Enforcing complex password requirements and regular changes.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Implementing 2FA for accessing sensitive systems.
  • Passkey Authentication: Superior Passkey Authentication is now the mandatory standard for all of our Google, Adobe, Meta, and Stripe logins.
  • Regular Software Updates: Ensure that all software and systems are up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  • Basic Employee Training: Educate employees about basic cybersecurity practices, like identifying phishing attempts.
Changes to This Policy
We will provide notice of significant updates, but please check our Privacy Notice periodically for changes. We’ll always post the date our Privacy Notice was last updated at the top of the notice. We reserve the right to modify this policy. Regular review is recommended.
Contact Us
For questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us at Or CLICK the “It’s Mine” button below.
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