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10 Things Small Businesses Can Do To Boost Online Sales

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

  1. **Understand your customers** 

Use analytics tools to identify purchasing patterns and preferences. For example, if you notice that a particular product is selling well among a certain age group, you can tailor your marketing efforts to target that demographic.

  1. **Improve your website’s SEO**

Make your website more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). When writing posts, include relevant keywords in your titles and metatags, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

  1. **Use social media to promote special offers**

Connect your store to your social media accounts and use them to promote special offers and discounts. To do this, you could offer a discount code to customers who follow you on Instagram.

  1. **Offer discounts, promotions, and packages**

Bundle products together and offer them at a discounted price. If your business sells skincare products, you could offer a package deal that includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

  1. **Create a referral program** 

Encourage customers to refer their friends by offering them a discount or other incentive. To your base customers, you could offer a 10% discount on their next purchase for every friend they refer who makes a purchase.

  1. **Use omnichannel marketing to boost campaign efficiency** 

Capitalize on holidays and other events by creating targeted marketing campaigns that reach customers through multiple channels. You could create a Valentine’s Day campaign, for example, that includes email marketing, social media posts, and targeted ads.

  1. **Nurture potential customers with email marketing** 

Set up an email marketing campaign to keep potential customers engaged and informed about your products and services. For example, you could send out a monthly newsletter that includes product updates, special offers, and helpful tips.

  1. **Make returns easy**

Simplify the return process for customers by providing clear instructions and making it easy for them to print return labels or find a nearby drop-off location. This can help build trust and encourage repeat business.

  1. **Offer fewer choices**

Find your unique selling proposition and focus on what sets you apart from your competitors. If you sell handmade jewelry, you could highlight the fact that each piece is one-of-a-kind and made with care.

  1. **Target look-alike audiences**

Use data from your existing customers to target potential customers who share similar characteristics. For example, if you notice that your products are popular among women in their 30s who live in urban areas, you could use targeted ads to reach similar demographics.

Sociabl™ can help small businesses achieve these goals by providing expertise in social media marketing, creating effective campaigns, and helping businesses connect with their target audience. With Sociabl™, small businesses can take advantage of the latest trends and strategies to boost their online sales and build customer loyalty.

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